Hypnotherapy in Barnsley


Overcome fears, anxiety and bad habits with the power of hypnosis


Have to ever noticed that although you know your thoughts and feelings are irrational or extreme you just can't shake your mind and body's negative reactions? 

By working directly with the subconscious, hypnotherapy could be the answer.

Hypnotherapy is the process of bypassing your conscious mind and working with a therapist to directly change the behaviour of the sub-conscious ‘auto-pilot’ part of our mind; the place where our fears, habits, negative thoughts and barriers are embedded.

It works by relaxing the body enough that the subconscious feels safe and unthreatened at which point the mind is more receptive to positive suggestions and fresh perspectives, leading to tangible change. You are always in control during hypnosis and will only accept ideas and suggestions that your mind can see are beneficial and healthy so there's no risk of behaving in a way you wouldn't choose for yourself consciously. 

Hypnosis has been shown to work effectively used for weight loss and gain, stop smoking, fears such as heights, spiders, claustrophobia and any irrational fears. It can also be used to increase confidence and self esteem, improve performance, reduce nerves, anxiety and fear. Essentially hypnotherapy can effectively support you in overcoming any mental barrier to your success...


Hynotherapy at Ambient

At Ambient I find best results in combining hypnotherapy with coaching with half of our session looking at a practical, thought challenging exercise, the findings of this further reinforced through hypnotic trance in the second half.

You will receive a recording of the trance element to repeat at home for even deeper results. 

After a free consultation, I will take payment for the first session and write a tailored personalised trance journey for you around your personal barriers, lifestyle and experiences.

*I would always recommend at least 3 sessions (of one hour) for any presenting issue and potentially longer term support for more complex barriers. Hypnotherapy is not a 'quick-fix' however studies have often shown faster results than traditional talking therapies where changes to the subconscious often take longer. 

Payment can either be on a session by session basis or my most popular choice is my buy 5 get one free package, to be taken within 6 months of the consultation. Please enquire for specialty packages around smoking and weight loss. 

Competitive Rates, get in touch for details 

Contact me to enquire, meet me for a consultation or book today at steph@ambientbodyandmind.com


Testimonials for Hypnotherapy

‘This is the first time I’ve been hypnotised. I really enjoyed the experience. I feel calm, soothed and relaxed. Steph explained everything really well and spoke in a calm and rhythmic manner. I felt totally safe at all times. Very very good experience. Comfy sofa too…’ 

Barnsley client


“Since seeing Steph for my phobia of birds I’ve found myself being able to walk past them without much concern, where at one point I couldn’t even bear to touch a feather! When I see a bird now, the phrases and ideas Steph suggested come into my head and calm me down. The suggestions have definitely stuck in my head and helped with a phobia I’ve had for many years”


Anne. Barnsley